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Blog sets a test for foreigners living in Spain November 15, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

The wordpress blog Davicus, has come up with a list of things that, while perfectly normal for the Spanish, take the foreigner some time to come to terms with. Once the following on this list no longer surprise you, you can consider yourself to have arrived in Spain.

You think it’s perfectly acceptable to add coca cola to wine.

You are not surprised that the plumber or electrician has finished his work on time, but simply because he has finished his work.

You have been in a botellón.

You think that not kissing someone you have just met twice is a sign of bad manners.


You think you can add olive oil to any dish.

You are surprised when the commercial breaks on television end before half an hour.

You know what a hangover is, and you suffer at least one every weekend.

You know how to eat boquerones.

When you see the head of a bull hanging on the wall of a bar you are not surprised, and think it is part of the decoration.

You eat lunch after 2pm, and never eat dinner before 9pm.

You don’t think that there is anything wrong in drinking a couple of beers in the morning.

You think the floor of a bar is a large rubbish bin, where you can throw your cigarette ends, serviettes and the remains of your prawns.

You understand that applauding is an art, and not a way to express your approval.

You know that ensaladilla rusa has nothing to do with Russia.

You have breakfast on Sunday before going to bed, not when you get up.



1. Riki - December 11, 2007

This shot is real Spain

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