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Food November 16, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

About eating: I don’t know whether to be hungry…
One of the most frustrating things in a foreign country could be facing up restaurant menus. When you read them you remember all those years “learning” English in your beloved Spain. You clearly need to be helped by a good guide or dictionary on meals or food, but you get peckish!. You’d like to try all the yummy dishes hidden under these strange names: cucumber cream, deer with aubergine, sausages with sauce of beetroot, raspberry pudding with blackberrie’s juice… what a madness! In this moment your hunger is increasing to starvation… as your ignorance. Indeed, both of them are fighting each other. Finally you decide a simple onion soup for starter and steak with chips as main course. Nothing about the desserts menu, a cofee is better than a headache. At the end, when you’re going to pay the bill, you discover that the waitress is from Caceres, living there with an Erasmus grant. You’re not hungry anymore, of course, but you’re leaving the restaurant with a double frustration: the steak was yucky and the waitress beautiful. Hey guy, improve your English!

P.D. I’m Miguel A. from the Tu-Th 8 p.m. third year class. I hope to learn to write in the correct place soon. Greetings



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