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Looking forward to a new season! November 16, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

When Fernando Alonso took the decision to join McLaren F-1 Team towards the end of 2005, nobody could think that it would be such an awful option two years later. He had won the championship that year beating Michael Schumacher with an incredible Renault (mainly for an effective start system). It was amazing because of the power that Ferrari and Schumacher had shown during several championships and Renault hadn’t searched any title for many years either. I think that presence of Fernando in this team helped to develop the engine and electronics, sharing his valuations with mechanics in a good way. This was essential to win the championship in 2006 too. Maybe it’s important not to forget that Alonso’s father is a mechanic in this way.
Everybody hopes that Fernando could obtain a new victory in 2007 racing for McLaren. They had to improve their engine and fiability with the new FIA rules, so Fernando might be a good tester before the beggining of the season. The improvements were reached, but there was another pilot that could obtain benefits from these work, Alonso’s partner rookie Lewis Hamilton. With all of this information, a good driving and an incredible support of the team and all English sponsors, he has fought until the end of the calendar. But from spain we can doubt the same treatment in decisions for both of them. Finally, Hamilton failed, Alonso still fought but an uninvited for title Raikonen could beat them in the final race. A terrific final for McLaren and an unexpected victory for Ferrari.



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