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Climate change: have your say November 17, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

This morning I found a thought-provoking comment on the topic of climate change. What do you think? Does the comment have a fair point? Have your say!

We are the only species that worries about global warming. Millions of species have come and gone and the world keeps turning. Many times the world has become hot or cold and the world keeps turning. Just adapt or become another extinct


 species. What so special about the human race that the “Earth” or “Mother Nature” can’t get on without us? As for for future generations, who cares? It’s the poor and suffering here and now that need help.

Doug George, Antibes, France



1. javier - November 22, 2007

We were born to destroy, this is true about the human species, we are the most clever species yes, but sometimes we are the most stupid of all species in the world because we are destroying the world where our sons should live in the future.
This is for me the worst problem that the whole humankind has nowadays and problably in all history.
The question is, what can the citizens do?,I don´t know the answer. We try to do little things, because only one person or one state can´t do anything to change this situation.
To limit the CO2 emisions is one measure, maybe the most important.
All goverments or the majority of them should take measures now, if all don´t take measures now this problem won´t have solution and in the future we will all pay for that.

2. rafa - November 17, 2007

I think that all people agree on taking measures now….. but I think that the question is: What am I doing about it?, and the answer is always the same… I’m doing what I can, but only one person can’t change anything….. This is a wrong answer, because if a lot of people go on in the correct direction, we will be able to stop the climate change.
So my advice is that you have to recycle, to save water, to save fuel…. I think there is only one thing that you have to spend.. the money, if you have it… of course.

3. englishuniverse - November 17, 2007

We are the most intelligent species on Earth. So intelligent we are destructing ourselves. It is a conclusion now that climate change is irreversible, so it doesn’t really matter anymore whether we want to take measures now or not. So let’s enjoy a life of plenty and abundance while we can. We wouldn’t be the first or last extinct species on the planet.

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