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Ka-ching! by Shania Twain November 19, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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This is the video we watched in class today. Do you agree with what the lyrics say? Do you blow your money? Do you want more, more and more money? Do diamonds bring you happiness? Would you like to live like a king with lots of money and things? Send your comments in!!

We live in a greedy little world that teaches every little boy and girl to earn as much as they can possibly. Then turn around and spend it foolishly. We’ve created us a credit card mess. We spend the money we don’t possess. Our religion is to go and blow it all. So it’s shopping every Sunday at the mall. All we ever want is more.  A lot more than we had before. So take me to the nearest store. Can you hear it ring. It makes you wanna sing. It’s such a beautiful thing–ka-ching! Lots of diamond rings. The happiness it brings. You’ll live like a king with lots of money and things, etc.



1. mburgos - November 21, 2007

This afternoon in class we have been spoken with Lindsay about money and work, and she asked us one important question: Do you live to work? or Do you work to live?
About this question I can tell you my own experience, because three years ago I had to ask to myself a similar question, and I think this is a decisive question. In October three years ago I had to make an important decision in my life: I could follow with my job or I could be retired, of course there was an important difference: I would earn less money if I retired, but I would have a lot of free time and I could do everything that I wanted.
Finally I made the right decision: I retired, so my answer to Lindsay’s question is that you have to work to live, and if you can live without work, but this is a difficult thing….well there are also some people who work and are happy because they love their job, I think this would be the best way of life.

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