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A great Karaoke party December 29, 2007

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

On behalf of all the teachers at the EOI Astorga I would like to thank all the singers and the audience for a very successful karaoke party. In my opinion it was the best party we have had so far. And next year we are going to organize an even better party! I thought the first prize for best karaoke song was very well deserved. As somebody pointed out, Sara sings like an angel and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her singing ways soon at an Operación Triunfo. It was beyond question the best performance. As for the winning song for the playback competition…. I am not so sure. I was very impressed, don’t get me wrong, because the whole group knew the lyrics to the song and the surprising “finale”, revealing the numbers on the backs undoubtedly won them a few votes from the jury but best song??? My favourite was Mamma Mia and I loved Barbie Girl and Pour Toi. By the way, who were those two lunatics all dressed up like ZZ Top? They should have been at a freak show, my goodness! They have plenty of that on television these days. No wonder they scored “zero” points. I would have given minus points, if that was possible. The sound system was excellent, this time there were videoclips on display, two wireless microphones, better choreographies, more catchy tunes… To sum up, I think it was a great festival. More to come this year. Anyway, I would like to hear your comments.

Danny’s review:

The best: the winning song for the karaoke contest

The worst: the two lunatics singing Night Fever



1. rafa - December 30, 2007

I think we had a very good show…. the first thing that I want to do is to congratulate the contestants on their performances, and also the people who have worked for weeks organizing the show.
Once again Sara won the first prize on karaoke, and everybody thinks that she sings like an angel…. (perhaps she can go to the next “operacion triunfo”), and the other “playback” competition was also very funny, but actually I don’t know who the winner is….., well I’m sure that the winner isn’t “night fever”….. but this is another problem…. anyway congratulations to all, and I hope see you next year again….

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