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Whose English is better?: Teacher’s verdict February 11, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

This is the teacher’s verdict on the ongoing Whose English is better competition. Feel free to send in your personal comments. You can still vote until February 25th.

Javier Bardem: Lots of confidence, lots of progress in little time. A trace of Spanish accent though.

Pedro Almodóvar: I’m not sure he understands much -English, that is. Lots of room for improvement on his accent.

Esperanza Aguirre: If she was a Spice Girl, she would definitely be the posh one. However, I am impressed. Much better than Aznar.

Rafa Nadal: Definitely learned his English from Aznar. His tennis skills are so much better.

Penélope Cruz: All those American boyfriends have paid off. However, one can still tell that Moratalaz accent.

Fernando Alonso: Heavy accent but not too bad at all. Good fluency.

Antonio Banderas: the surfers favorite… so far. Good vocabulary range.

Pau Gasol: Cool, dude! Awesome! High five! Way to go! Cool! Way cool! Ma maan!



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