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Thriller celebrates 25th birthday February 17, 2008

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One hundred and four million albums sold worldwide.

Thirty-seven weeks at No. 1.

Eight Grammys.

Seven Top 10 hits.

Tonight, Michael Jackson is expected to appear at the Grammy Awards to celebrate the release of his landmark 1982 album, “Thriller,” into the Grammy Hall of Fame. On Tuesday he will release a 25th-anniversary edition of it. The expanded CD/DVD package will include the original nine-song album, one unreleased track from the original sessions, and five reworkings with contributions from contemporary artists.

michael-jackson-1.jpg             michael-jackson-2.jpg

Michael Jackson then                           Michael Jackon 25 years later

And here is the amazing video (almost 14 minutes long!):



1. englishuniverse - February 18, 2008

Hi, Javier!! Great to hear from you? How did the op go? Are you OK? Let us know!

2. javier - February 18, 2008

hello everybody, 25 years!, time goes by so fast, it seems like yesterday…. I like Michael Jackson´s music although at present he is not in his best personal moment, he had many problems. Everybody knows that this song and videoclip are problably one of the most important in musical history, 25 years ago this videoclip was increible and the whole world could see it like a short movie, very long and very well produced.
Regards everybody from my house.

3. rafa - February 17, 2008

How old must I be, because I bought this album when it was launched… 25 years ago…. and I still have it…. not CD, not tape, not dvd…. an old vinyl disk and it still sounds very good…. It has been a long time because as you can see Michael Jackson was still black…. and I was still a teenager…. I miss that time a lot.

4. englishuniverse - February 17, 2008

I have a vivid memory of this video release. I was 15 years old then and I remember that I had just had New Year’s Eve dinner with my parents and sisters. We had some visiting relatives in the house at the time they showed the video clip -some time after midnight. I was mesmerized and did not blink for the whole length of the video.

5. Michael Jackson » Thriller celebrates 25th birthday - February 17, 2008

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