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Nightmare journeys competition. The winner is… February 28, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

What a hard-fought battle! I am pleased to announce that Rafa has just won the competition by one vote! Total number of votes: 45. Rafa gets 23 votes  (51%) and José Javier gets 22 votes (49%). Congratulations to both writers. I’m sure you will have many other great stories to share. The winner gets one dollar and a certificate and the runner-up gets a certificate.



1. englishuniverse - February 28, 2008

Yeah, Morly is back!!

2. jjmorly - February 28, 2008

Hi everybody, first of all, congratulations to Rafa for this prize, you are the fair winner, congratulations for that but don´t worry Rafa, next time I promise revenge and to be more competitive than this time, it was a hard battle, finally the result was at photo finish, very nice battle.
Well, today I´m very happy because when I came back home from the hospital my computer broke down and finally I have got another computer in my house, I´m happy for that because these past days I was desperate and very bored cause I couldn´t use the Internet from my house.
My recovery is very good, on Monday I began my recovery in a gym, now I feel like Ronaldo although there are some differences between him and me.
I think in a few weeks I will be able to drive and my hip will be better than at present.
See you in class soon.
Regards to everybody from my exile.

3. rafa - February 28, 2008

I’m very happy, well actually I’m so happy that I don’t know what I must say….. ( this is my first prize)…. Of course I thank everybody who have read the stories, and I’m going to split the money with Javier ( I wouldn’t know what to do with so much money) and finally I have to congratulate the teacher on his ideas. Thanks everyone and have a good weekend.

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