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10,000 B.C (The Film) March 11, 2008

Posted by mburgos9 in General.
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Last weekend I went to the cinema and I watched a different kind of film that is called :”10,000″. The film is a mixture between science-fiction, action and love story, but at least I could watch an amazing film ( as my classmate Roberto would say). I think the film has very good special effects but the most important thing for me is the sound, it’s terrific, so if you want to enjoy the film to the fullest,  you’ll have to go to the cimena, because at home you won’t have the same sensation. By the way, this film is right for all family, from children to parents, so next weekend let’s go to the cinema….



1. Peteno - March 24, 2008

Amazing post!, guy

2. Javier (the exiled) - March 13, 2008

Ok, I haven’t seen this film yet, but I agree with you, this film should be very amazing and I promise to see it as soon as possible.

3. englishuniverse - March 11, 2008

“Amazing” film! That’s the “adjective” of the month. Yes, I agree, Roberto would classify this film as “amazing” as well.

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