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THE FIRST ROCK IN RIO (1985) May 13, 2008

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As everyone knows  next month in Madrid there’ll be an important music concert called: “Rock in Rio”, and I’m sure  that you’ve heard about it because it’s being strongly promoted on TV, radio, etc…. but at first this festival wasn’t like it is today ….. This festival was celebrated for the first time in Rio de Janeiro in 1985 and it was for rock or heavy-rock bands, actually the following bands played there:  AC/DC, Deff Leppard, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Queen, Whitesnake, Faith no more, Ozzy Osburne…. etc, but a few years ago when heavy-rock wasn’t so popular as before, Rock in Rio was getting smaller, and nowadays  it’s a music festival but not a rock festival, and of course it isn’t in Rio either, so…. why Rock in Rio?   Well anyway take a look at this video and you’ll be able to see how Rock in Rio was at first….



1. Video: Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008 - Bon Jovi, Alanis Morrisette e Amy Winehouse | Hit Na Rede - June 2, 2008

[…] que eu tente encarar o nome Rock in Rio Lisboa com naturalidade, não consigo. Definitivamente, Rock in Rio, para nós brasileiros é, e sempre será, aquele evento que reunia milhares de pessoas no Rio de […]

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