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Eurocup 2008: Spain makes history June 30, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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At last! European champions! I know it’s not the first time, as Spain won this tournament in 1964, but it’s the first time I experience it. First time for anybody younger than… 44 for that matter. I think that, unlike in 2004, when Greece won the tournamente, Spain played the best football and one has to be proud of this team. It was a fantastic tournament and, for the most part, teams tried to play an attractive game. These are some pictures of the ensuing celebration in León. What a night!



1. rafa - June 30, 2008

Amazing, terrific… whay can I say?… I’m 44 but this has been the first time for me, although I remembered the Paris Final in 1984, where the Spanish Team lost 2-1 against France, this time it has been different because our National Team played simply wonderful, as any team did, actually I didn’t remenber any National Team playing as the Spanish Team. Anyway the most impressive thing has been the people… Everyone gets crazy, here in Astorga there was a lot of flags on the balconies, and everyone wears red.. RED TIDE IS HERE…

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