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Posted by mburgos9 in General.

Luckily for me, I was one of the fifty-five thousand people that yesterday afternoon were at  “The Vicente Calderon”. I have been a big supporter of Atletico Madrid for years (I don’t know if this is a bad or a good thing, but anyway I have been) and yesterday my team played the most important match in the last eleven years, of course I wanted to be there…. I was right, it was worth it. The match was brilliant, amazing, but the most importat thing was, without doubt, the atmosphere.

As you can watch in this video everyone was singing and shouting during the match…. so please let me give you a little tip: If you like football and you like emotions, you should go to “Vicente Caldeton”…..



1. englishuniverse - August 28, 2008

Good luck to Atletico de Madrid. And good luck to Celtic too.

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