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As everyone knows I’m very interested in learning English, and I think It doesn’t matter the way to do it….. of course we have a lot of ways to try it, specially for the people who usually visit this webpage, because here you’ll be able to find a lot of things that could help you with your English, as links, excercises, articles, games, etc.

On this occasion I would like to show you a TV channel and its webpage. I really think they are very useful because this TV channel is dedicated to teaching English 24 hours per day.

In this TV channel you’ll be able to find different levels, so you can choose the level that you’re studying at the moment, even if you don’t know which your level is, at the webpage www.aprendeinglestv.com, there is a test with 12 questions that show you your level.

This is a new way to improve your English, but we know that the most importat thing is that you really want to learn English, as I’ve written before, it doesn’t matter the way… so let’s go.



1. englishuniverse - October 2, 2008

The TV channel is called aprende inglés TV and you can check out the website (www.aprendeinglestv.com).

2. Ahmed - October 2, 2008

Can you name it plz ?!

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