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Alien abduction: myth or reality? October 2, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

I am posting the video on alien abduction that we watched in class. So what do you think? Are these people lunatics, are they being serious or are they just having a good time and playing a practical joke? Do you think there have been authentic cases of alien abduction? Do you like to watch programmes like “Cuarto Milenio”? Is there life out there -whether intelligent or not? Send your comments in!



1. Aniramix - October 20, 2008

I wont travel with a hypocritical man like you, but I accept your apology 😀

2. englishuniverse - October 14, 2008

Ok, you have taken this too far. It was just a way to start off the school year with a few laughs and an excuse for you to speak English. You are crazier than crazy. Locos, locos, locos…

3. javier - October 14, 2008

Really sorry for my above comments aniramix, those were inadequate, can you excuse me?, I didn´t want to offend anybody, I understand you of course but when you want you can pick me up with your alien friends in their UFOs because I wish to spend a weekend in another planet or on the moon, I haven´t been in another planet yet, you or your friends will choose the destination, I don´t care about that, I have got an intergalactic passport and a galactic credit card, don´t worry about that.

4. Aniramix - October 11, 2008

Jjmorly I think that you should be less offensive to people like us, please, understand us!

5. rafa - October 9, 2008

I agree with Aniramix, I was abducted fourteen days ago too and I got back yesterday, at least I believe this…because of this abduction today I’m a little bit “confused”…..

6. Aniramix - October 3, 2008

I think they are not lunatics.
I was abducted yesterday, and it is normal in my life.

7. jjmorly - October 2, 2008

In my opinion, those people are lunatics, I don´t think that they are trying to make a joke or something like that, if they are joking they are fabulous actors and they could work in Hollywood.
I think they have mind problems, very serious problems, they have messed up inside, they are people who believe their own lies, and they try to convince us but I´m convinced they are lying, they need professional help.
If they had more evidences like original films or pictures, no cartoons or fakes, maybe we can believe them.

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