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Welcome to another year in the school. October 2, 2008

Posted by jjmorly in General.

Hi everybody, I thought this webside didn´t work during the summer, I didn´t log on any day last summer because I thought that, I was wrong because I can see several posts that people had placed during the last season.

Well first of all I want to give regards to all my classmates and teacher, I know  most of them because last year I could share the same class and the same teacher.

In my first post of the year I wish to give my tribute to one of the most important actors that Hollywood had given in history, his name is Paul Newman, he was a very famous actor and he had lots of films in his career, many of them very famous, he was born in 1925 and he died several days ago after a long illness, when his son died for drugs he decided to found a foundation and through that foundation many ill people around the world have been helped.

 I think there should be more people like him in the world, people with a lot of money that help  people who don´t have much money in other places.

I have been searching this morning on the net and I could find that video, this will be my tribute to one of the great actors.



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