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Stereotypes October 15, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.





An interesting conclusion that I gathered from the lively debate we had in class is that, correct me if I’m wrong, we -Spaniards- are too full of ourselves. All the stereotypes for our nationality  we could think of were “nice” stuff: great food, funny people, friendly nation, bla, bla, bla… However, when it came to stereotyping other nationalities… “they drink too much”, “arrogant”, “horrible food”, etc. Tell me what you think but my conclusion is we need to be a little bit more humble



And here’s an outstanding essay from Alejandro Pascual on Spaniards. Worth reading it!! I was impressed by the quality of it.


Spaniards are usually considered very joyful people because we’re always having parties and the things that we like the most are bullfighting, football, dancing flamenco or sevillanas and, of course, the famous siesta. Also we are known by our healthy diet, the Mediterranean diet, which includes, for example, paella, seafood, ham, wine and tapas. And on the other side, we are known by our temperamental character, for example when we are driving we usually get nervous and shout at other people. As well, people from other countries think that we are lazy because we love to sleep siesta and not to worry about our jobs.

I think stereotypes are a waste of time, you cannot generalize. I don’t think they’re true because it depends on the person. Of course there are people who love bullfighting or are lazy, nervous, etc. But it doesn’t mean that all the Spaniards are like this. The only thing I can say is true is that a majority loves football and siesta. I’m sure that almost all Spaniards don’t like sevillanas. But it’s impossible to find a common feature to all the people in a country.

About looking up to other nationalities I have to say no. And I’m not saying that Spain is the best; do not set me wrong. I mean that I don’t believe in nationalities, I believe in people. I don’t mind the nationality where a person (who I admire) comes from.

About our strengths in Spain I would say the diet but, perhaps, nowadays we are having more fast-food than in the past instead of the Mediterranean Diet. A good point would be that we have plenty of beaches with the Blue Flag and our hotels are a good reference in the world.

And finally, the Spaniards weaknesses I think are the bullfighting and San Fermines, and that we have an obsolete technology. Fortunately, these days this problem is improving fastly.

But, come on! Nationality? What does it mean? This place belongs to me (I belong to this place would be better). I’m Spanish, but I think I belong where the people I love belong. Every culture, every place, every language have good and bad things. If we were able to appreciate the important things in life…




1. Aniramix - October 20, 2008

In my humble opinion I think that I’m too humble to write something about this topic. I’m sorry.

2. javier - October 17, 2008

Ok, first of all I want to admit we need to be a little bit more humble because we are criticizing other nationalities and we are not perfect but in my opinion, in general the Spaniards have a lot of bad things as rafa said above, those things are true although we have lots of very good things too, we are not different from the rest of the people or nationalities, all nationalities have their stereotypes, I don´t know what kind of stereotypes they have about us, we could ask at people who are not from Spain and then we can decide about that.
If there are people from other countries now in front of the screen, please help us!!, the question is….

What is your opinion about us, the Spaniards?.

Please help us!!, don´t be afraid about telling us your comments, we are prepared for all your comments.

3. rafa - October 17, 2008

It could be that our worst weakness is that we don’t see our own weaknesses but we usually see everyone else’s easily. Also I would say that the Spaniards have problems to acknowledge their own weaknesses and of course, as everyone, we have a lot of bad things: lazy, untidy, unpunctual, etc…. and I could say an endless list.
On the other hand, we have virtues as well, but I’m not going to talk about them.
As you’ve said: “We need to be a little bit more humble”.

4. an alien - October 15, 2008

I think you’re right, because all nacionalities have their own stereotypes, about themselves and other countries. I thought people think about the stereotypes of their own country like good stereotypes, and all the stereotypes reflect good and bad things about the people of the country. I disagree with your opinion,I think we need to be more humble than just a little bit.

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