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The fastest story: a joke from Rafa November 28, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
Once upon a time there was a big ans slow tortoise which was walking along the middle of a very dangerous road. This road was always crowded and this day the weather was awful, it rained “cats and dogs“, so our tortoise couldn’t see very well. He wasn’t looking where he was going and suddenly a clunny snail appeared at the same time in the same place, so they crashed violentily.
At this moment the tortoise disappeared quickly but the snail was seriously injured. Fortunately an ambulance arrived almost at the moment so our snail was taken to the hospital as soon as they could.
The injuries were so important that the snail needed long surgery to survive, but eventually the operation was a great success.
After three long days the snail felt well enough as to be able to sit up in bed. The Police were looking into the case carefully so they went to the hospital to interview him, and also show him a lot of different kinds of tortoises to see if the snail could identify the tortoise who had hit him three days before. The snail was feeling very nervious and very stressed as well and suddenly started crying and said: ” I’m so sorry”, and he went on . “I just can’t remember anything, because everything happened so quickly….”.


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