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Another story about animals. December 2, 2008

Posted by jjmorly in General.

This is my story about the joke that we saw in class several days ago, you can post it in general posts if you want.


Another story about animals.


Once upon a time there was a place where many animals lived peacefully, that time could have been much better but now, I’m going to tell you this terrible and real story about two of those animals.

One day one tortoise was walking and listening to music on its MP3, the tortoise was smoothly walking on one road, the streets were crowded because there was a market in those streets, it didn’t have any worries or problems, it was walking happily although the weather wasn’t as nice as the tortoise and the other animals would have wanted it.

It was raining strongly, like it had never been raining before in that city. The tortoise was wearing sunglasses and for that reason he could barely see the rest of the animals which were around it. 

At the same time there was a snail which was waiting in that street, the target of that snail was to cross that crowded street, it was very stressful, the snail looked at its right and left and decided to cross the street fastly, suddenly the slime went into its eyes, the snail couldn’t see anything, in that moment the tortoise hit the snail violently, the noise of their shells when both animals hit could be heard along many kilometres like an earthquake, after that the world stopped for several seconds, the snail was on the road seriously injured.

Fortunately for the poor snail, the ambulance arrived as soon as they heard the strong collision; nobody phoned them because as I said before the collision was incredibly hard but the police arrived after two days because I didn´t know why but when I saw the police I understood that, I didn’t believe it, the police were sloth bears.

The tortoise got to escape through that crowded street, the snail was taken to hospital quickly.

But unfortunately the tortoise was injured in that accident too, I got the video of its recovery, it lost one of its leg sand its condition was serious as the snail’s, it would have needed crutches for its recovery but as you know tortoises haven’t got arms, you can see its medical solution in this video:






As you have seen, this story was true, the tortoise is really injured although I don’t have videos about the recovery of the snail.

After several days the police who had been looking into that collision decided to speak with the snail and they went to the hospital, there were animals which had seen a tortoise in the moment of the collisions and the police wanted to show it lots of photos of tortoises.

The snail was in bed and the police arrived and coming to interview it, they showed it a lot of photos of tortoises, the police asked it: “what happened that day?, can you find the guilty in these photos?”.

Firstly the snail looked through the photos quickly but several minutes later suddenly the snail started to cry loudly and finally the snail said: “no, no, it’s impossible, I’m really sorry, I can’t remember anything because everything happened so fast”.



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