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World’s most expensive advertisement December 2, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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It was made by Guinness to commemorate its 80th anniversary and cost… wait for it… 14 million euros. Cool commercial.



1. jjmorly - December 2, 2008

I agree with your reply completely, although I like this advertisement, I had seen it before but I don´t remember where or when, its production was simplely perfect, in my opinion it´s not normal to spend a lot of money in something like that although I guess that the reason that this advertisement was the most expensible in the world will be in case what that commercial have been seen for million people around the world in some very important sport event like Superbolw or another similar event where eventually the most important brands pay a lot of money for their advertisements.
Something similar happen in our country where the majority of us are looking forward seeing the last or the first spot in the new year night because that spot is usually very spectacular and nice and after that we speak about that, the brands here pay much money for their advertisement too but not 14 million.
This morning when read your post I searched in internet several advertisement about beers something of them very funny ha-ha, like these.

2. englishuniverse - December 2, 2008

Although I think it’s a fantastic commercial from an artistic point of view, I also think that it is immoral to waste 14 million euros to advertise anything, least of all alcohol. I can think of 14 good million reasons to spend 14 million euros on.

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