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Karaoke 2008: And the winners are… December 17, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

Here are the official results for the karaoke 2008 competition.


1. Désanchantée 14 points

2. La Place 7 points

3. In the Army Now 6 points

4. Satellites/Is this Love 0 points


1. Surprise surprise 11 points

2. Go West 7 points

3. Hey Ya 6 points

4. All Together Now 6 points


1. Dis-moi lune 14 points

2. Eternal Flame 9 points

3. Quelqu’un m’a dit 4 points

4. Chattanooga Choo Choo 2 points

5. Jumping Jack Flash 1 point

6. Mamma Mia/Christmas Carol Mix/Delilah 0 points


A huge round of applause to all participants. The competition turned out to be -as expected- a great success. Whether you would like to attend the event or participate in it, we all hope to see you again next year.



1. rafa - December 17, 2008

I completely agree with you Daniel, but I think we’ve forgotten “Delilah”, where is Delilah? I guess…. I can’t remember in which category this song was, but I’m almost sure that it was in friki category; anyway I think we should mention it, because at least in my opinion it was an unforgettable performance, for a lot of reasons.
I wouldn’t want to suck up to you but I really think that “Jumping Jack Flash” was the best karaoke performance without any doubt.
I would like to send a strong round of applause to all singers, teachers and of course to the audience as well.

2. englishuniverse - December 17, 2008

I think that this karaoke event gets better each year. More participants, more songs, more costumes, more excitement… I almost left the competition empty-handed (one stinking point for a great rendition of Jumping Jack Flash, for goodness sake!!) but I’m very glad that “Go West ” did brilliantly and actually won the first prize for best “friki” song as our “surprising” female teachers kindly gave up their title. “Hey Ya” came up third eventually, which was pretty good too!

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