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The Rafa Nadal blog February 2, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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Rafa Nadal has a blog in The Times newspaper. I retrieved his answers to questions from fans the day before his incredible win at the Australian Open.  I also copied and pasted comments submitted to The Times by fans. Send in your comment as well. Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

Questions for Rafa: how do you prepare for big matches?

What do you do to prepare yourself mentally for big matches, like finals? Basem Salfiti, London

RN: I know that the matches are different and I try to do the same things. It is difficult but I do the normal things. For example today I did more or less the same thing as any other day apart from trying to recuperate more physically.

How will you feel playing Roger in another final, and will what happened at Wimbledon make any difference to how you feel? Sam, Yorkshire

RN: Roger is the best player ever and I know it is going to be almost mission impossible. But I will try as always my best and we’ll see. I am sure the Wimbledon final will have nothing to do with tomorrow’s final. Everything is different.

How do you evaluate your progress from one year to the next? Emma

RN: I feel I am playing good and that I have improved a few things. But not that much of a change. I do feel comfortable.

Could you tell me that what kind of aftershave/fragrance you usually use? Zsuzsi

RN: I use Lanvin parfums

You have been at Roland Garros for your birthday for a number of years now, how would you celebrate if you were at home? Christie

RN: You are right. I wouldn’t know what to do :-). I suppose I would do the same thing as I use to. Go out with my friends after something at home with my family.

When you were children, did you ever let your sister win anything? Elise

RN: She is much younger than me.

Has the current world financial crisis affected you personally in any way? Ben

RN: Of course. It affects everyone. In my case some exhibitions have been cancelled during December and some other things.

Do you read books while you’re on tour? If so, what was the last book that you read? A fan

RN: I don’t read that much. I read during Wimbledon more than here.

Do you like Chinese food?  A Rafa fan from Hong Kong.

RN: I prefer Japanese to be honest. Chinese I don’t know that well.

How much do you talk to your opponent before and after a match? Or do you prefer to stay focused on your game? Katharine

RN: I try to stay focus on my game, that’s for sure, but I am not going to not talk to my opponent for that reason. But both will simply focus on our things.


Nadal makes me proud of being a spaniard. He is a true spanish knight. And Federer is a Master of Masters. He will come back, from the six. Rafa will have to watch his tail.

fernando, madrid, spain

i thought roger cried from the overwhelming admiration……….. not from the fact that he lost to nadal. tell the truth i was rooting for nadal and happy he won.
the federer win streak had to be broken one day. i was getting to be to much with federer constantly winning. go rafa………….

pia, las vegas, usa

I feel for Roger, but that’s the reality of sport; somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. But we know him; he’ll be back whatever happens and this is just one set back on the glorious and superb career of one of the world’s greatest players.

TJ, Birmingham,

At the beginning of the match, it looked like each one had so much respect for the other that they almost didn’t want to play because they knew one was going to have to lose…After the first game or so, the competitive fire took over for both. But it’s great to see the respect for each other.

Cameron, Los Angeles, US

James from Fairview heights: Federer’s tears came from a champion who was exhausted from a long battle. You can’t understand because you’re not capable of that kind of battle and don’t understand the passion of champions like Nadal and Federer.

Scott, Calgary, Canada

Roger did not cry to steal Nadal’s thunder. He did not cry because he could not equal Pete’s record. He cried because he was disappointed about the way he crumbled in the 5th. he did not plan it. It happened. I hope the crying was a catharsis. I hope he continues to challenge Nadal!

Sameer Thakur, Pune, India

Roger and Rafa are two beautiful athletes, and two emotional, gracious, humble — and phenomenally manly — men. What a match! And hats off to Mirka, Roger’s girlfriend, for the deep care and concern on her face — and for not shedding a tear: What a woman!

M, New York, NY,



1. lusnoc - February 9, 2009

About Rafa, Robofed and Emotional Intelligence..

2. englishuniverse - February 2, 2009

I think Fernando Alonso has a lot to learn from Rafa Nadal.

3. rafa - February 2, 2009

Congratulations Rafa ! you’re the best, not just playing tennis but out of court as well. Yesterday you played a wonderful match once again. I used to play tennis, and I perfectly know how difficult it is, just playing tennis, but his tennis is almost perfect. Rafa belongs to other kind of people as a player and as a person too (I’m not talking about myself of course). He’s without a doubt our best sportman ever….

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