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“When Chris saw his car parked outside…” March 19, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
OK, folks! This is the first essay I received so I am copying and pasting it to the blog. It has a very mysterious ending so I am challenging everyone to send a comment and provide an explanation to the story. I will be sending mine now! You are also welcome to email me your stories. I will copy and paste them here as well.
“When Chris saw the car parked outside his house, his heart started beating faster and faster. At that moment Chris was completly sure that he was going to have problems.
He couldn’t believe it, so he came back to the window and took a look at the car again. It was true, his wife’s car was parked outside his house, a wonderful sport red car was parked in front of his house.
It was too early, he thought, and he started to think how to explain that situation to his wife, he perfectly knew how his wife was. She will never understand it, he said to himself again and again, what is more, at the same time he was trying to find a solution or an explanation, but there was nothing in his mind….. and this heart kept beating faster than before.
He was feeling really bad, he was shocked I would say, anyway if I was in his same situation , I would be the same way that he was…..
Eventually the time was over, and Chris didn’t find a solution, his wife was going up the stairs, he could hear her and he just thought that his wife would never forgive him for that disaster.
They had been married for years, they had been happy together, and suddendly all was over.   What a pity ! said Chris to himself once again, I wish this had never happened…….” 


1. rafa - March 19, 2009

I’ve written this morning the second chapter for my story ( it’ll have three), so in about ten days, we’ll know what’ll happen to Chris and his troubles….

2. englishuniverse - March 19, 2009

Their cat had jumped into the laundry basket. Chris dumped the clothes -with the cat inside- to the washing machine. An hour later Chris went back to the kitchen to collect the clothes and he realised to his dismay that his marriage days were over…

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