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Eurovision 2009 May 14, 2009

Posted by jjmorly in General.

To be honest I don´t really like this contest much, but anyway next Saturday if I don´t go out and I don´t have anything better to do I will see it although I know it will be very long and like always my country won´t win that contest, every year we go to this contest and the weeks before that we think that this year yes, this year we’ll beat all countries, for this reason we have to be honest and think that there are a lot of countries in this contest and some of these countries have  good songs and good singers.
Yesterday I read in a website that this year “Cirque du Soleil” will present a unique performance at the Eurovision contest specially created for the occasion, the details of that performance will remain a secret until next Saturday, I have seen their performance several times and they are completely amazing, definitely I´m looking forward to seeing this performance next Saturday, perhaps that will be the best of the contest although our singer Soraya has confessed that in her performance there will be surprises, one friend has told me that she has prepared a magic trick, I don´t know exactly but maybe she could dance with Juan Tamariz in her performance, anyway next Saturday Europe has got a date with its most important musical contest.
This morning I was logged on the net and I could hear Soraya and I wish to share with you this video.



1. rafa - May 15, 2009

If I have to be honest, this contest isn’t my thing, and I won’t be seeing it tomorrow, not for Soraya or other singers, but for the music; as almost everybody knows I like other kinds of music.
Regarding these kinds of contests I think they are a little bit old-fashioned at the moment, and what is worse, I think, well I’d say that I’m completely sure that you could buy it if you have enough money for, I mean, I believe that the winner will be the one who “invests” more money in…
As with other businesses, the music business is just money, of course not a hundred per cent, but almost. Unluckily nowadays the money is more important that other values such as voice, imagination, even quality.
Anyway I’m proud to belong to my county, so I really wish that Soraya wins the contest, so LET’S GO SORAYA…..(I’m sure that Soraya will be respectful to our National anthem, not as others did two days ago…)

2. englishuniverse - May 14, 2009

nice video, Javi. Good to use in class.

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