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Eurovision news May 15, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

This morning I found an interesting posting in a blog about Eurovision. I am copying and pasting it partially. Source: http://bloggingaroundtheworld.wordpress.com

Eurovision is a way of gathering for European countries, a way of communicating in peace. Of course, there are also some controversial subjects such as political votes and language. As a rule, countries may not cast votes for their own songs. However, they tend to vote for neighbouring countries. Some people think that it is unethical to knowingly vote for neighbours while the others think it is normal because people tend to like similar cultures. The other controversial subject is the language of the songs. Although at the beginning there was no rule about the language, it has been changed many times over the years but finally in 1999, the rule was changed again to allow freedom of language once more. Some people still believe that native language is the most appropriate one to choose whereas the others defend English language in order to be internationally understood.


Some countries are working hard for the contest while some prefer not to attend. Do you know which countries and why?

  • San Marino and Latvia withdrawed from the contest because of the economic crisis.
  • Italy (since 1998) and Austria (since 2008) are not attending in order to protest the political votes.
  • Morocco, who attend the contest once and only time in 1980, doesn’t think to return.
  • Lebanon, Algeria, Libia, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia are not attending because they don’t want to race with Israel.
  • Monaco and Luxembourg are not attending because of the unsuccessful results that they had.
  • Vatican is not attending because they don’t have a national television channel.


1. rafa - May 15, 2009

I’ve just read this article and I think it’s quite interesting. Avobe all I like the reasons that many countries have not to attend to the contest. I’d say that Spain could agree with some of these reasons….
– Not attending because of the economic crisis.
– Not attending because of political votes.
– Not attending because of the unsuccessful result for the last twenty years.
But we’re Spaniards, and we have a strong moral…. perhaps this year we’ll overcome the crisis ( I wish!); maybe this year there won’t be any political votes, who knows?; about the last point… having a successful result, I’d prefer not to talk about it… I’m a Spaniard but I’m not crazy !

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