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Transcript challenge May 21, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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From now on I will be posting a very short clip once a week and challenge you to come up with a full transcript of it. You can send your transcript in as a comment. You can have a look at other people’s comments -transcripts- and provide missing words, corrections, etc. So here’s the first challenge: Springfield’s got talent. Can you work out and type the transcript for the audio?



1. rafa - May 24, 2009

I’m going to tell Nacho “the missing words”….. to be honest we listened it a lot of times in class, and eventually Daniel helped us, becuase it’s hard to transcrip all video, so these are “the missing words”:
1- Check out this AWESOME performance
2- You test me like watter in SALVADOR
3- Catch on the NEXT EPISODE of the Simpson.

I think these are the worlds, but actually I’m not completely sure because I didn’t write it down in class, so I could be mistaken… Well anyway, Nacho I have to say : Well done !

2. englishuniverse - May 24, 2009

very good, Ignacio! Can anyone from the Intermediate class give a helping hand with the missing words? You almost got it!

3. Nacho (5th course, EOI Astorga) - May 23, 2009

hi daniel,

I’m gonna try to type the transcript of the audio, but I still have sme “missing words”….(I listened it several times, since it ws a kind of hard typing while I was listening (I’m not so fast)):

-And What is your name?
-My name is Homer Simpson. I´m 39 and…well, I´ve never been kissed. My dream is to become a great singer like Susan Boyle
Check out this ______ performance
“Test me, test for (?). You test me like the water in a _____ ______”
– uhhhh.
– UH! “El Saludor”
– Ok, I suck it singing. But check this out
– Catch on the _____ ______ of the Simpson. Ever Sunday on FOX

I can figure out the meaning of the missing words, but since I don´t know those words (my vocabulary is still poor) I cannot type.
I´ll ask u on monday`s class, if possible.

Best regards

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