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Transcript challenge #2 May 24, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

Well done, Rafa and Nacho. Now it’s transcript challenge #2. This time I am embedding a video from my favorite comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway. The comedians have to improvise an infomercial using the prompts they are given. It is a hilarious video. Here’s my challenge: I challenge you to figure out about 30 seconds worth of transcript. From 00:28 to 1:06. It helps if you use pen and paper at first, play the video, pause it, rewind it, play again… Then when you have your transcript ready you can type it as a comment to the video. No prizes awarded in a time of financial crisis. Sorry!


And here’s a second video called Action Replay. These guys are a riot!



1. englishuniverse - May 31, 2009

Excellent job, Aniramix! You got it!! Here’s the final transcript for the section I was requesting:

– Hey! It’s 4 o’clock. Time to shop, shop, shop!
– Does your breath stink?
– We can smell you through the camera.
– You need our help, my friend.
– Yeah. Breath mints and gum do the trick for a little while but to really alleviate that awful smell, have we got something for you?
– We came up with a program that’ll destroy your bad breath and it will never return because it will be too afraid to go into your mouth.
– That’s right, Colin. You’re not going to need one of those anymore with bad breath. Aren’t you tired of blowing your bad breath up in the air? You don’t have to.

2. Aniramix - May 31, 2009

The first video

1:Hey, four o’ clock it’s time to shop shop shop!

2:Does your breath stink?

1:We can smell you through the camera!

2: You need our help my friend!

1: Yeah, breath mints and gum do the trick for a little while, but to really aliviate your awful smell here we’ve got something for you.

2: We come over the programme and will destroy your bad breath and it will never be turned because there will be true afraid to go into your mouth

1:That’s right Carl, you don’t need one of this anymore — blowing your breath up in the air you wont have to!

3. Aniramix - May 30, 2009

By the way, the actors are not Ron and Carol, I did it wrong :S

4. Aniramix - May 30, 2009

Second video:

Host: Thank you, welcome back to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show that proves that working hard has nothing to do with being funny.
Damn right
Now let’s get over a game called action replays for all of you.
“Ron?” and “Carol?” are gonna put on these headsets over here, gonna block off all the sounds form so they can’t hear what this guys are saying.
Now that you have all seen and Ron and Carol we are gonna whatch them and then you have to deduce using their body movements. Of course blablabla it doesn’t have to be said.
The thing is bring up to your couple on their honey moon entering the bridal suite, as they are getting ready for bed they spot a mouse.

Ron: Uhhhh

Carol: Hahahaha

Ron: Here we are! Beautiful room “something”

Carol: Ahhh it’s beautifuuuuuul

Ron: Yeah

Carol: Aww it’s even more beautiful when you open the shade!

Ron: Hey honey!

Carol: Oh, listen …. flood down I mean honestly…. come over entire my life.

Ron: I’ve been waiting for


Ron: Wo wowowowo It’s ok, I’ll get it, I’ll get it. Good job honey, you are the best. You know other “somethings” make me feel “mandy?”

Carol: You know what? whaaao

I did it till 1:52, I find it a bit difficult and some parts I think that I misunderstood them.
I will continue now but I send this part just in case the computer explodes and all my work dies.

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