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Samba much better than chotis October 3, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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extract from The Times Online


The 2016 Games will be the first in South America. Pelé, the Brazilian football legend, burst into tears, while 6,300 miles away from the vote, on Copacabana Beach, 50,000 people erupted in celebration, frantically waving flags and hugging each other.

The party was expected to go on well into the night, and officials said that the crowd would easily surpass 100,000 people.

“Rio had to win, we’ve got everything – beaches, women, samba,” said Edison Andrade da Silva, 41, selling sunglasses on Copacabana’s main boulevard. “The Olympics are going to be marvellous here.”

One of Rio’s top Carnival samba troupes struck up as revellers unveiled a huge flag saying “Rio loves you,” alongside an image of the city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Above them were television screens, largely ignored by the crowd, showing images of Mr da Silva in Copenhagen weeping alongside Olympic officials.

“It’s good because it’s going to bring more tourists,” said Robert Wallace, 18, a Rio native who works selling beer at one of dozens of tents on Copacabana beach. “Right now all people outside Brazil hear about Rio is the violence.”

Before the vote, President da Silva had said: “It is time to address this imbalance. It is time to light the Olympic cauldron in a tropical country.” A key player in the city’s campaign over the past 18 months, President da Silva delivered a compelling message about the strength of the Brazilian economy, its young population, and the city’s festival spirit that he said pushed aside concerns about shaky infrastructure and crime.

Rio will now host the Olympics two years after the World Cup in 2014, putting it at sport’s top table for the next decade.



1. rafa - October 3, 2009

I’m so sorry for Madrid and for Spain as well, but unluckily for our country, during last years we have the same international influence that the power of Vaticano’s army….. I really believe that Madrid was the best option, the best proyect and the best city. I agree with a Brazilian citizen called Edison Andrate da Silva who said. “We have beaches, women and salsa…” I just can say: “they get it, but what about facilities, security, etc….
I’ve been there twice and I’ve to say that I agree with Edision once again: They Just have beaches, women and salsa…”
About the party that they’ve organized, I guess that it’s going to be the longest in the world, because I suspect that it lasts until 2016.

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