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Better in Spanish, please! October 22, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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At first I thought it was some kind of practical joke for a TV comedy show or something. But the stuff is real. Painstakingly real. I wish they had been told: “Por qué no te callas?”.



1. rafa - October 22, 2009

We have to acknowledge that they’re above all, BRAVE….. but unluckily they’re representing the Spaniards.
Someone should tell them: “please speak just Spanish, don’t try to speak in an unintellible language because it seems that you’re copying “Chiquito de la Calzada”.
Anyway I would like to propose that every student in our High School gives one euro in order to pay the enrolment of Aznar and Zapatero in a School language….. I’m absolutely embarrassed.

2. englishuniverse - October 22, 2009

That is painful to listen to… Did you take note of the faces of the French “députés” listening? They were horrified, they were asking each other, what is he saying?

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