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Kid speaking many languages October 24, 2009

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

If this kid selling fans in an Indian street can effectively learn and use many languages for diplomacy and business related transactions, how come that most of our political leaders here in Spain do not speak English at all? They won’t even make any effort to try to learn it. Aznar’s English is embarrassing and Rajoy’s and Zapatero’s simply non-existent. Shouldn’t it be a job requirement?



1. rafa - October 25, 2009

It’s a good and embarrasing question…. but unluckily we just can say that in our country to become an important politician you should have other kind of “vitues” or “Skills”, I mean, let me tell about the manual of a Spanish politician, page 145 to 151: “You must have a strong face”, “to be good at taking advantage of it’s doesn’t matter what”, “to be good at telling tales” , “to be good at acting” and of course ” don’t be aware of anything”…. well if you take a look a this manual, in the page 189 says: Don’t worry about languages, there are a lot of interpreters, it would be really hard to learn English or French, you should be worry about earn money as fast as you can, your position is not forever…”
The fisrt thing that we should do is to burn this manual…shouldn’t we?

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