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It’s the listening challenge January 24, 2010

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

A short video, just 17 seconds long this time. Can you work out the transcript? Send it in as a comment!



1. englishuniverse - February 2, 2010

Well done, Maria. You got it right!

2. Maria - February 1, 2010

I think, it’s like

Hey listen Kathy, why don’t we go up to my place tonight, you know, I’m a marvelous cook.

Really, what’s your speciality?


3. rafa - January 26, 2010

Well I just have a couple of doubts, but I think I almost get it, it’d be something like this:
Man: Hey Listen Kathy, why not we go up to my place tonight, we ……. a marvellous cook…
woman: Really? What your special dish…
man: breakfast…

At least it’s everything that I could understand.

englishuniverse - January 26, 2010

Almost… I’ll provide the transcript soon. Anybody else up to the challenge?

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