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THE NEW IPAD January 31, 2010

Posted by mburgos9 in General.

Here it is ! The latest and newest electronic device has come…..Last week in San Francisco the manager director of Apple, Steve Jobs, launched the new Ipad.
It’s really tricky to describe what Ipad is exactly, but I’d say that it’s something between the smallest, thinnest and  lightest laptop that you’ve ever seen and a bigger Ipod. Anyway in my opinion it’s something amazing, brilliant, because with this gadget you’ll be able to speak, to surf the net, to watch movies and tv, to listen to music, and everything that you can imagine.
I guess that Ipad is gonna be another big success for Apple. So let’s go, in just one moth (Ipad will be sold next March) you’ll be able to have the Ipad in your hands… you’ll just need about three hundred euros…. it’s not too much…..



1. Maria - March 16, 2010

Last thursday was the Fiasco Awards ceremony, and guess what?
The Ipad was the winner according to the 4325 people who voted for it on the Web Site.

2. Maria - February 10, 2010

I read something about Ipad on a newspaper, it’s like Ipad is one of the nominated to won a Fiasco Award.

This award recognizes new invents that are supposed to be a great improvement of new technologies even great projects on communications that will end up in a fiasco (I guess a big mistake would be a good synonym for fiasco).

Together with Ipad are more nominated projects like xing, psp go, TDT, and you can vote for the one you think is the most deserving.

One point, last year the Fiasco Award was won by Windows Vista, no comments..

3. Elena - February 4, 2010

the price is 499 dollares

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