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David introduces “Forevermore” March 15, 2011

Posted by mburgos9 in General.

As I told you one month ago, one of the best heavy rock bands was set to launch a brand new album called “Forevermore”…. and it’s already here. On this video we can enjoy David Coverdale introducing his new album, he’s telling us his feelings, and a little story about some songs.
In any case for those who don’t like this kind of music, they can practise English listening to David talking in a slow, clear and perfect English. But please, let me give you a tip….. take a look a these songs because the’re amazing…. for… everybody!



1. Daniel Martin - March 16, 2011

Jesús, I just edited your post. I’ll be glad to do so in the future as well, no worries!

2. Jesus - March 15, 2011

Thanks Daniel, I think all your posts are a fun and motivating way to improve my poor English. I’ve just watched the video and you’re right, David speaks with a clear and perfect English.

As everybody knows, you all have to buy this new album :D, it couldn’t be downloaded from the Internet :D, but you ought to (but I don’t know how to :P). I’ll carefully listen to it and give my feedback soon… before that I think that this album is loaded with deep lovely feelings.

By the way, I’d like to talk about some other good clear English music like “Michael Bublé”, for example, or if you like heavy speed metal…”Dream Theater” (one of the best speed metal bands, I think the best one, the singer is an opera singer), enjoy it!


PD. any correction of my English in my posts, please, is always welcome.

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