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Interview in Canal Cita March 16, 2011

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

I was giving a 10 hour teacher training course at the Centro Internacional de Tecnologías Avanzadas in late 2010 and while there I was asked a few questions on education, teaching with technologies, using interactive whiteboards, etc. Click on the picture for the interview (in Spanish).



1. Jesus - March 22, 2011

just leaving a link about bringing up bilingual children (just in case, first of all, congratulations for that!! and I guess it’ll be useful)


2. rafa - March 17, 2011

I just want to say that these kind of things are really useful for almost all teachers, they should pay attention a this matter and try to follow this advice. You know that some time I’ve told you many examples from my experience, but anyway, it’s no the place….just tell you that you’re on the ball about your job, and most of your students and of course myself are very proud to say: this guy is my teacher.

3. Jesús - March 16, 2011

Thanks Daniel, I agree with you, this is an interesting and important subject. if you allow me, (and I don’t mean to pull over the way enough), I’d like to leave a link of Redes about this subject:


I’m so sorry that it’s not in English 😦

If I could give a recommendation about learning English, in the first place, live it, feel it, link it to your emotions, for example, if you are going to be in a weeding, think over it in English, the groom, the bride, etc…do this with all your feelings, look for songs in English about your feelings every day, talk to yourself in English :D, and so on.

In the second place, I’d recommend to hear English and also listen to it, surround yourself in the English language for as long as you can (and if it is a simple and basic English I think it can be so good, buy songs for babies, tales, find your way…)

Love English, find the good sense of humor, really it’s so funny, a little example: “they knows” (commom mistake) it sounds like “ellos nariz” ;), look for these funny things 😀

I could carry on but I think it is enough :), I should leave free bytes in the server for other people 😉

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