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Afternoon tea in Dubai October 30, 2012

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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Who wouldn’t like the privilege of staying at a 7-star hotel? It comes at a price though: 100 dollars for afternoon tea.

This video is part of a video series called ResetLiveGrow. You can check out this channel on YouTube and watch other videos that this guy shot in other countries (including one in Spain for the Tomatina festival in Buñol). He decided to take a break and have a gap year to travel around the world. Cool stuff.

So here’s a question for you. Would you like to live in Dubai, let’s say for a year? Why? Why not? Send your comments in.



1. Gemma Miguelez - November 5, 2012

Living in a foreign country would be a dream come true for me. If for any reason there is an opportunity to visit Dubai, I would go without any doubt. Knowing a different culture is always an enriching experience.
For sure it must be a shocking change. In Dubai, life has been transformed significantly for most people, but has their mentality changed as fast? I don’t think so.
First of all I’ll have to change my frame of mind, on the contrary it would be imposible to adjust to such a luxury life style.
Nowadays , Dubai has become the perfect place for opulent consumerism; not for any domestic economy.
Of couse, real life is far away fom Dubai.

2. ananda13ananda13 - October 30, 2012

I can´t imagine living in this city for an entire year. There is too much glamour and a waste of money. If each one of them helped poor people, everything could be different. I can´t understand the uneven distribution of wealth and why people want to be rich, to increase the consumption?to be less happy because you never achieve all that you wish?I can´t understand….

3. Esmeralda - October 30, 2012

It’s amazing! In Spain the most famous and biggest mall is Marineda City in La Coruña. People spend their weekends shopping and staying with their kids in the kars track inside. I can´t imagine what they would do in Dubai. I could only stay there a few days because I hate the heat and the sand, I love the mountains, nature, the rain, autumn weather… I love the north of Spain 🙂

4. Daniel Martin - October 30, 2012

nice place but not for me. Hard to get a beer there.

5. mburgos9 - October 30, 2012

What a wonderful idea!!! At the moment I’m making all the arrangements with my travel agency in order to spend a week there…. come on! with 100 dollars I almost could spend one week in Benidorm, where, as you’ll probably know, stars as Belen Esteban usually go… so there is no doubt. Not, seriously, it’s amazing to see this kind of luxury, a bit exaggerated, but I’m sure that everybody would like to spend a couple of days in a hotel like this… In my case when I win the lottery I’ll go there.

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