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Blood Test to Tell How Long You’ll Live November 30, 2012

Posted by mburgos9 in General.

Would you like to know how long you are going to live?… or maybe the exact date of your death. Apparently it sounds like science fiction, but in fact it’s not. At the moment through a blood test you could know things like these, and it’s not precisely expensive, I mean, if you have 500 euros in your pocket, you can get it.

The company who has developed this new technique is called “Life length” and right now, here in Spain we can do it, and find out when (approximately) you are going to die. But it’s not an easy decision to make, although if you think it carefully, by knowing your death date, you could focus on things that really matter and don’t waste your precious lifetime.

Take a look at the piece of news below, because perhaps you are already wasting your time…..



1. Gemma Miguelez - December 12, 2012

To know how long am I going to live? No way!!! Despite being truly tempting, being ignorant about that date gives me peace of mind. Having an expiry date in my life would mean a deep depression to me. What if you are expected to die soon? Even if the test is mistaken, life for me would become meaningless. I believe I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of that knowledge.

2. Aurora Arias - December 7, 2012

I already knew about this test. But I think we need some explanation about it.
It measures the chromosomal ends which are related to how long a cell is going to live. And what is more, there exists some substances that can interact with telomeres and avoid their shortening, so the cells can divide more times and live longer or… forever. But telomerasa activity, which is the technical name for this process, has also some risks. The most important one is the risk of increasing accumulative mutations and become normal cells in neoplasic ones, so you can develop cancer. On the contrary, some tests are being developed to take advantage of this biological function and destroy cancer cells selectively.
More questions/doubts?

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