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It’s all in the news December 5, 2012

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

Looking forward to reading your news stories exemplifying distancing. Send them in as comments!


1. Gemma Miguelez - December 19, 2012

According to a new research at Leon University, a well-known jungle plant might hide the secret of eternal youth, the end of wrinkles nightmare for those who are obsessed with their age and those who simply want to look better.
It would appear that a new protein extracted from that plant may be responsible for the miracle. Future studies are expected to resolve this incredible question. It is said this unique substance might be a revoluton in cosmetic treatments. In fact, apparently some doctors could be planning the use of the protein right now.
Undoubtedly, a dream come true for the human race.

2. Terrie - December 13, 2012

If Sofia Mazagatos had known what I know now she would have never put her head in the freezer.

Eternal youth is now said to come from a jungle plant, yes that´s what I´ve said, a jungle plant. From the untamed depths of the Amazon jungle. Scientists who were looking for a cancer remedy fell over this plant attracted by its smell. Not a wonderful odor, just a disgusting smell that keeps most animals away. I say most because humans are the only animals that go and take a look.

These scientists back in their lab have discoverd that the new plant has no effect on cancer cells, but on healthy ones this changes and a lot, these cells do not die. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world are now trying to develop new cosmetics using the smelly jungle plant. But there is no way of getting rid of the awful smell.

Maybe Sofia doesn´t mind it.

3. YLENIA & RAMON - December 9, 2012

It is said that Daniel’s students of Advanced English II are well determined to win this year’s karaoke competition. The students are preparing their show for having fun. They think that a good song, dance and good costumes are important for convincing all students about their first position.
It has been announced by the Languages School of AStorga that the festival will be on December 20. According to different sources it will be very funny. It seems there will be a great show. You cannot miss it!!

4. Aurora Arias - December 7, 2012


Some studies have recently reported the benefits of chips in order to increase brain performance. According to them, the relation between complex mental activities, such as studying, and chips, arises not only from the chips themselves, but also from the way they are cooked.
As it’s known, the main component of potatoes, from which chips are made, is sugar, and this, in combination with the oil in which they’re cooked, is the key point of their beneficial effects in the brain.
Several researches have proved the essential role of both, sugar and lipids, for a proper brain processing and, therefore, for complex activities carried out by it.
Nevetherless, these benefits could render opposite effects if the chips are fried in highly saturated oils, as butter o animal fats.
In this sense, it has been stated that these kinds of fat carry high levels of cholesterol and mainly LDL particles, or the more common known “bad cholesterol”.
In fact, in high levels, cholesterol has been related to a higher risk of memory lost and dementia in adulthood, a fact that occurs in an accumulative dose-dependent way. For these reasons if you want to keep your brain fit, do eat chips, but,of course, cook them with vegetable or non saturated oils.

5. Arturo Macías Grande - December 7, 2012


Eating junk food is said to be an unhealthy habit. Now researchers have suggested eating chips is heatlhy at least for your brain.
According to The Bavarian Food Institute, potaoes are thought to liberate a substance called “studentine” when they are fried. Apparently, when “studentine” reaches the brain, it stimulates brain working making students work more efficiently.
Will we find junk food machines instead of coffee machines in universities or public libraries? Will we be exposed to Einstein’s face in KFC ads? The future will tell us…

Daniel Martin - December 7, 2012

I love this!! Who would have thought? I wonder if they are beneficial to teachers as well. Should I, perhaps, boil them?

6. Marcos & Eva - December 6, 2012

It has been suggested that Mourinho may not have a “royal girlfriend”.
Apparently, Mourinho and the Head of Real Madrid are not on speaking terms. They haven’t been together in the last oficial dinner, as they used to do. It seems that the coach is not going through his best moment in the club. It is said that the players disagree with his tactics.
According to our sources, Mourinho has made contacts with Chealsea. might be His president is planning to travel to London in order to start the negotiations.
The Portuguese trainer will be expected to resign at the end of the season.

7. David (@David_MFR) - December 6, 2012

Apparently, the song “Gangnam Style” by the Korean singer “Psy” is connected with the author of prophecies, Nostradamus. It seems that he talked about the end of the world, his exact words were “From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine”.

There seems to be some real connections, as it appears that the “dancing horse” might be Psy´s horse dance, and according to YouTube, “Gangnam Style” is about to reach 1 billion views later this month, and that number has 9 zeros, 9 circles, and “Korea” is understood to mean “calm morning country” in English.

It would seem that the world is going to end by December 21, 2012. Except for one small issue: that Nostradamus quote is 100 percent fake. It is thought to just have been an internet joke.

Daniel Martin - December 6, 2012

well done, David. We are all a bit relieved now.

8. cholo - December 6, 2012

A bit of light at the end of the tunnel…. According to unoffical sources, tomorrow the Government will pass the new “financial Law” which apparently is going to be “definitive” as an unknown spokesman from the Government has leaked.
First of all this financial law will have a retroactive effect, which means that every single crime or just bad practise that a bank, financial company or employee may have committed in the past could be punished now.
Secondly and most important, this law is specially designed to collect money. So, if a manager, executive or just a single employee steals money from a bank, from a customer or from the state, then he or she will be in jail until he or she gives back the total amount of money he or she stole.
Finally, when there is a problem, conflict, trial, etc, between a single citizen and an organization, then any kind of abusive clause shouldn’t be taken into account by the judge.
That’s what it seems to be the whole thing about the new financial law. I would say that apparently it seems to be fair, but do you think that this law will see the light? Let me hesitate…..

Daniel Martin - December 6, 2012

thanks, as always, for contributing, Cholo. The only thing this time is that I opened this post for my advanced students to practice “distancers”. Fernando’s comment is a good example.

9. Fernando Huerta - December 5, 2012

It seems that Mourinho wants a move from Real Madrid to Chelsea. Apparently he is not earning enough money at the Spanish Club.
But it is also said that he has a girl friend in London. So the true reason to leave Spain might be a nice love story.
It has been announced by the English press that Mourinho is expected in London next week. It appears that he has bougth a luxury flat near Buckingham Palace.
Who might be Mourinho´s girl? . Apparently someone close to the Queen´s family. It appears that the story of Cayetana, the great Spanish Duchess, can be repeated.
It would seem that he will earn less money in England but he would be happier in Great Britain.

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