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Annoying habits December 6, 2012

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

Do you have any annoying habits? Does your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter or flatmate have an annoying habit? Type your comments in!!


1. Marina - December 9, 2012

A thing that I canĀ“t stand is the parentsĀ“ tendency to think highschool is more important than other cultural activities. There are many activities that can make us an educated and open minded person.
Highschool is not all!

2. NACHO - December 9, 2012

When I get back home I like drinking a beer. Then, I get another beer and put it in the freezer. But, when my wife gets a beer she never puts another one in the freeze another beer and then I can’t have another cold beer.

Daniel Martin - December 9, 2012

haha! Both funny and annoying.

3. cholo - December 6, 2012

what a embarrasing topic…. but I think about one annoying habit….”the telltale”…. I mean, one is supposed to reveal the sin but not the sinner.. that’s an annoying habit, isn’t it?
I have lots of bad habits, as almost everybody,,, but I consider not very “elegant” or “polite” to tell others mistakes…. for instance I think that to be lazy at work is a very bad habit… and we know a lot of people who tend to behave in this way at work…. do you know what I mean?

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