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Posted by mburgos9 in General.

Last 12/12/12 a charity concert in support of Sandy hurricane victims took place in New York’s Madison Square Garden. As usual in these kinds of events, it was a huge success, and tickets were sold out, more that 12,000 people attended the concert according to the organization. Hovewer I’m afraid it was not enough due to the enormous damage and destruction caused.

Rock stars are usually willing to help in this sort of situations, and this case was an excellent example. You could see on stage people like Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, The Who, Bon Jove, Eric Clapton …..and Nirvarna, yes you’ve read well… Nirvana.

Obviously it was just a piece of  Nivarna, its three alive members, plus McCartney, but it was worth it!!  They sang a brand new song by David Grohl called “Cut me some Slack”… and to be honest it sounded well, althought Sir Paul was a bit out of place.  But not everybody got happy…. the black widow, Ms. Love, said: “I’m not amused, to say it politely”….

You can see here the performance by the former members of Nivarna, it is cool, isn’t it?


1. Daniel Martin - December 15, 2012

Uhmm… it’s ok. Reminds me -too much- of this other song. Now, that’s a great song and a great live version.

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