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Affluenza February 20, 2013

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.

The old English proverb says “Money is the root of all evil”. Psychologist Oliver James – not to be confused with Jamie Oliver the cook- poses this highly controversial claim in his book Affluenza: capitalism is bad for your mental health. What is your personal take on the issue? Send your comments in.

Here’s an interesting site for you to explore www.affluenza.org

And here’s a documentary on Affluenza (a few minutes short of an hour).


1. Gemma Miguelez - March 6, 2013

I don´t know if affluenza can be considered a new illness, but clearly consumerism rules our lives and anxiety, depression and stress are very common diagnosis nowadays. We always have aspirations to get the same standard of living as that of our neighbours or family without any other kinds of considerations such as our income and budget. So we decide to pay on credit day after day, living beyond our means. Having financial problems is only a question of time. Consequently we work long hours to pay our debts and there is no time left to spend with the family , so we end up with family problems too and with the nerves on edge constantly. Feelings of guilt appear in parents who can’t afford brand names for their children.
What is the base of our life? Sadly materialism.
The ideal life is very simple. All of us would be able to remove half of our belongings without any problem. With this decision we would favour ourselves and the planet. Will you be willing?

2. Arturo - February 26, 2013

“Capitalism is bad for your mental health” Yes, I totally agree. Capitalism makes you worry everyday about the money you need to buy essential things to live, the job which provides you with this money, and the money you will never have…
I would complete Oliver James’ quote, “Capitalism is also bad for the environment, animals and plants, human relations…”; but if it is so bad, why does it exist? I think it’s a question each one of us must answer ourselves, a very deep question…

3. juan - February 21, 2013

Money is essential to live today, but one thing that money does not buy is happiness.

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