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History of the world in one hour and twenty-seven minutes March 25, 2013

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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This morning, while taking care of my class preparations, I stumbled upon this documentary from the History Channel. It’s the history of the world in two hours. It actually falls short of two hours; an hour and twenty-seven minutes to be precise. Those of you interested in the subject may enjoy watching it.


1. anfitrite1978 - March 26, 2013

Obviously when I said we don’t have these channels in Spain, I mean for free…

Daniel Martin - March 26, 2013

Well, we may not have the History Channel -for free- but we have plenty of Histeria Channels. To be honest, I hardly ever watch TV these days. I’d rather get on the Internet.

2. anfitrite1978 - March 26, 2013

Very nice documentary… It’s a shame that with all the stupid channels we have in Spanish tv, we don’t have Historia or National Geographic… There are many interesting documentaries we could see. Last one I saw was about female gladiators in Ancient Rome and the tomb of a suposed gladiatrix found in England (if I recall correctly, it was in London suburbs). I think it was also a documentary from Historia cannel, like this one…

Here you have the links from YouTube (it’s in two parts) in case you want to see it:

See you on Wendsday!!


3. Daniel Martin - March 25, 2013

The default quality setting is 360 but you can change it to 720 if it streams well that way too.

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