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Try these links to have some fun while you’re learning.

» Play The weakest link Play the game on line. »

Play Who wants to be a millionaire Play the game on line. »

Play Chutes and Lifts an on line game in which you have to answer questions correctly to beat the crazy robot to the top of the board. If you choose a different character you will be asked a different set of questions. »

Stress Monsters: to kill these monsters you have to aim exactly at the stressed syllable.»

 Have you got what it takes to be the BBC Word Master? Play the game to test your vocabulary skills. There are thousands of words to practise. »

Countdown Quiz Ninety seconds to answer six general knowledge questions. Sounds easy, but can you do it? »

Where to Next? is an interactive game that takes its users on a tour of six locations in the British Isles. »

On line quizzes on a variaty of topics.


1. rafa - October 7, 2007

I found this game on the web of BBC World: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flash/wordmaster/
It’s very funny, and you can improve vocabulary and listening.
I hope you like it.

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