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Links to interesting sites with listening material:

www.elllo.org. My favourite.

Beyond the postcard is a feature at the BBC WORLD service’s site where you can try listening comprehension activities while you learn interesting facts about different places in the United Kingdom and listen a variety of accents.

In Video Nation you can watch twelve video clips and hear people from across the UK talking about their lives. With comprehension activities and scripts.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Huge archive of Listening comprehension activities.

CNN video news

Australian Broadcasting Corporation listen to the world news in Australian English.


And of course remember www.bbclearningenglish.com

‘Welcome to London’ is an intermediate English language course allowing users to practise their reading, listening and pronunciation skills. It follows two characters, John and Fiona, through a series of situations as they arrive and settle down in the city. So, if you are coming to visit, or live, in London or you want to find out more about what the city has to offer – then this course may be for you. Here’s the link:


Here is an excellent link to BBC World Service. This page helps you with your pronunciation. You can click on the different links and practice.


Finally, a very useful site with tons of activities and information on the English sounds for Spanish speakers:



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