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Incredible stories


Your incredible stories:

Silvia’s incredible story: Man bites dog.

A few days ago I was in my garden watering my plants and suddenly I saw a dog which  was taking a walk with a man , that was tied with a leash.

I hadn’t reacted yet when I saw the man digging in my garden and I couldn’t do anything. Shortly afterwards, the man found something and, when he showed it to his master, I realized that he had found a very big jam roll.

The man dug another hole and he hid the jam roll inside.The dog had seen where he had hidden the roll so he started to throw away a  stick and while the man went to pick ut up, the dog dug and took the jam roll.

The man came back just as the dog started to eat the jam and he went running towards his master and he bit him in a paw.

I didn’t believe it but it was true.

Rafa’s story

Too much luck.-
This story is not about Aliens or something like that, but as you’ll be able to see, at least it’s a very strange story, and maybe difficult to believe, but it’s true, I was there……
It was very late at night and my friend and I were at the MGM casino, which is far away from here… we had just ten dollars to bet, and we decided to bet them on roulette. It would be our first time, we had never played at this game. The best prize is when you bet on a number, but of course it’s more difficult to win (there are 38 numbers), anyway we decided to bet for a number, eleven, our last ten dollars for eleven….. and the miracle took place… eleven won!! We couldn’t believe it, we had won 360 dollars… so we thought, we’re in luck, why don’t we try  again? and we did it. This time we bet for number seven, and incredibly seven won! We had won 360 dollars again. People who were next to us shouted, and I really think that they may have thought: these guys are cheating. Anyway we kept playing.
The third time we lost… the fourth one we lost again, but the fifth time we won again, we had won three out of five, it was incredible, we had earned 1180 dollars in fifteen minutes and we had scored three out of five. I don’t know the statistics, but I think it is not very common….



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