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Meeting Lindsay Kerr

Lindsay Kerr is our language assistant this year. She comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The 1st year Intermediate class asked her some questions and this is what Lindsay answered.

– What is your favourite food and what do you think about Spanish meal times?

– I like tortilla. I don´t have a problem with lunch time but dinner time is really late. In my country we have dinner at five or six p.m.

– What things do you like in Spain?

– I like the language, the people, the countryside…

-Why are you studying Spanish?

– I found Spanish a very interesting and attractive language to learn. I started learning French and Spanish at the same time when I was 12 years old. I really enjoy learning Spanish, even the grammar.

– Are Spanish and Irish people very different?

– Both are friendly, easy going and they don´t like being in a hurry. However, Irish people like drinking much more than Spanish do.

– What do you think about our Spanish accent when we speak English?

– It doesn´t bother me. It´s like any other English accent.

– What do you think about bullfighting? Can you tell us about some of the traditions in your country

– It´s hard to tell. We have certain traditions in Belfast that some people don´t like. One of the most popular traditions in Ireland is St. Patrick´s day, when you wear something green and a lot of people get drunk. For me the most strange tradition in Spain takes place at Christmas time, when you give all the presents on January 6th.

– Which city in Spain do you prefer?

– I like León and big cities like Madrid, which is great to visit but I wouldn´t like to live there. Too big.

– What did you think about Spain before you came here for the first time?

– I thought it would be warmer. I was a bit worried because I knew the routines were different. For instance, in Belfast the shops don´t close at lunch time.

– What do you think about our way of life?

– I like it, it´s good. Very relaxing.

– What is the best place to study English?

– If you want to study English you definitely have to go to an English speaking country. It doesn´t really matter where, but you have to go abroad.

– Do you know any music from Spain?

– I know artists who sing in Spanish, like Julio Iglesias, Maná, Juanes and Sharika but I don´t know many artists from Spain.



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