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Nightmare journeys competition

You may email me or post your essays until February 3rd. Good luck!!

 Story number 1. Rafa’s story.


I’m going to tell you the worst journey that I remember, and it was last year, so I remember it perfectly. I had gone to New York with a close friend for a week, because we had  things to do there, and also because we like The United States. During that week we had a very good time, we had spoken a lot of English, we had bought a lot of clothes… well actually we had spent a very good week, but the problems began the last day because of the weather. That day early in the morning it was snowing a lot…. we had the flight at eight o’clock p.m., and there was plenty of snow in the airport, and of course on the plane too…. well anyway we boarded in time and when we were sitting on our seats suddenly a big machine began to take the snow off the plane, but unfortunately for us that machine broke the plane’s right wing. After that the plane captain said to us:” You have to leave the plane”,  and we had to wait for another flight. We spent the night at the hotel and the next day we were waiting for a new flight. Finally we left at eleven o’clock p.m. in a flight to Brussels, where we had problems because our flight arrived an hour late to Brussels…. so again we spent the day at the hotel and at last we flew to Madrid but it was three days later. When we arrived to the baggage reclaim, our luggage wasn’t there because it had arrived three days before in another plane, so once again we had to wait another day in Madrid looking for our luggage….. finally we found it in another terminal. As you can see, it really was a nightmare journey  , isn’t it?

STORY NUMBER 2. Javier’s story

One of my nightmare journeys

One of my worst day journeys was in the last month of August. Last summer I went with my motorbike across Europe, I could visit ten countries in sixteen days, I had a nice time although several of those days were horrible because the weather was very bad. Now, I´m trying to explain one of those horrible but beautiful days too. 

On August 28th I spent the night in the city of Fussen. Fussen is a city in the south of Germany, near of this city there is one of the most famous castles in the world, Neuschwasntein Castle; it is a beautiful and quiet place, it´s like a fairy tale.

neuschwanstein-11.jpg               neuschwanstein-21.jpg

It’s a beautiful place, don’t you agree with me?

After lunch I visited the castle but in the evening it was raining a lot and I decided not go out until the morning because the next day I would spend many hours on the motorbike because the next day I would travel from there to Venice.Next morning I got up early and it was raining, I had breadfast and through the hotel windows the views were amazing, I could see a lot of mountains in front of me, the Alps. That day I began to ride the motorbike at 7,30H more or less because the distance from there to Venice is 600 Km, not much ,yes, but the road through the Alps is always in good condition and I would have to cross Austria too. I crossed the Austrian Tirol early, very beautiful places, perfect roads to enjoy the views but the weather was not good, it was raining and the temperature was cold.After two hours I arrived in Landeck, it is a strange city in Austria, I´ll never forget this city because I was lost there for one hour, the village is not so big but for that hour it was impossible to find the road to Italy, I tried to explain my intention to some people but nobody understood me, nobody spoke English and much less Spanish, all people spoke to me in one language unknow to me, I didn´t understand anything.I was desperate for one hour until one man showed me the correct way to leave Landeck.In the motorbike I have got a GPS system but when it´s raining I cannot use it because is not water resistant.

Definitely, I had had a horrible morning, while I was driving the rain was falling down, the cold and humidity were present in my bones, it was a very hard experience, it was summer but in the Alps the weather is not always good. During that day I had changed my clothes three times. I crossed the Alps through “Passo dello Stelvio”, it is an amazing place, it is one of the highest roads in Europe, you can drive at 2758 m and the road to climb there is terrible, it´s one of the most beautiful places which I have ever seen.

 stelvio1.jpg        passo_dello_stelvio_31.jpg                                              

As you can see, the views from there are amazing.

Fortunately for me, as soon as I started to climb, the weather was much better and I could enjoy the views and I could take very beautiful photos. After that I was in Italy, I had luch and the weather was much better than that horrible morning. I arrived in Venice at 19:30H very tired because the day had been very hard and long, I had been driving for 12 hours. Next day the weather was good, I was more relaxed until the Italian police gave me a parking fine, I could visit Venice but that is another story.

So now it’s time for you to vote. Which story did you like the best? Click on the link below to vote. Good luck to both nightmare journeys writers!





1. Ricardo Charles - June 6, 2010

Bring me back memories. I was stationed in the Berlin Brigade. I was in the Nijmegen Holland Marching Team and we walked 100 miles in 4 days. We were given a 10-day pass. My friend Phillip Clifford from Florida and I had our bicycles ready for those 10 days. From Holland to Berlin and to Augsburg. We rode our bikes into Munich and then to Garmisch and into Austria and back into Fussen Grrmany where the castle is. We camped by a lake with the view to the lighted castle and the Alps on the background. After 10 days we headed back to Berlin and the following day back to West Germany for the once a year war games training. Walked for days on the mountains since I was in the Infantry. That was in 1982 when I was 21 years old.

2. Javier - February 7, 2008

Thanks a lot for your comments Janett and Diana P.
It´s a pleasure for me when I read comments like those.
As you already know, I like motorbikes so much, I have been riding motorbikes since I was a teenager, many years ago, now I´m much older but it is my passion and my life, it´s very good for me because when I´m riding on the motorbike the problems seem to dissapear, you can feel the fresh air in your face, it´s a very nice experience although for me it is very hard now because I have a lot of pain in my legs when I ride on the motorbike but very soon I hope this problem will be history because my doctors will implant a phrotesis in my hip and I hope I will be able to ride on the motorbike very soon, next spring or summer.
Thanks so much and see you soon.

3. Diana Patricia - February 5, 2008

Congratulations Javier!

I enjoyed reading your nightmare journey across Europe. I admire you when you go with your motorbike for many days and nights whitout caring about the weather.

I agree with you about the beautiful and amazing places that you want to know. I would like to have the opportunity to know them some day! Thank you for sharing with me your beautiful experience.

Diana Patricia

4. rafa - February 5, 2008

Thanks a lot for your message…. I must tell you that next month I’m going there again, and I’m going to fly with the same company “Delta Airlines” but I’m not worried about it…. Ah! of course I’ll ask Daniel about the flight from Madrid on Lagunair…. Best wishes for you…

5. englishuniverse - February 4, 2008

Hello, Rafa,

I would have been so terrified, too, if I had seen the airplane´s wing break like that. I love New York, but after September 11th, travelling through New York makes me a bit nervous sometimes. Especially since JFK and La Guardia are such busy airports.

Ask Daniel about a flight we took on Lagunair from Madrid. It was really scary!! He has a funny anecdote about it, so you really have to ask him. It was a definite nightmare.

Janett (Daniel´s wife)

6. englishuniverse - February 4, 2008

Hello, Javier,

I don´t normally take the time to read many blogs, but my husband, Daniel, thought I should read this story you wrote. So, I did. You sound like a very incredible, adventurous person and this trip sounds like the kind that one does once in a lifetime. Your writing was excellent and I was surprised that this story was written by an intermediate student. Keep writing! I´m sure you have many more interesting stories to share about your trips. 🙂
Sincerely, Janett (Daniel´s wife)

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