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Present perfect exercises

Click on the links for exercises on present perfect:

Past simple versus present perfect: http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/exercises/tenses/simple_past_present_perfect.htm

Past simple versus present perfect: http://www.isabelperez.com/happy/tenses/exercises/pasts_pastper.htm

Present perfect. Positive form: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-perfect-simple/exercises?04

Present perfect. Negative form: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-perfect-simple/exercises?05

Present perfect with “never”: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-perfect-simple/exercises?06

Present perfect. Questions: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-perfect-simple/exercises?07

Present perfect. Questions with particles: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-perfect-simple/exercises?08

Present perfect. Fill in the gaps: http://www.isabelperez.com/happy/tenses/exercises/present_perfect_1.htm

Present perfect. Correct the mistakes: http://www.isabelperez.com/happy/tenses/exercises/present_perfect_mistakes.htm




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