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Scary stories competition


On Halloween Day we decided to have a scary stories competition. This is how it goes: write down your story, let me have a look at it first and then publish it online here. I will create a poll on this site for you to vote on your favourite story. You can only vote once from the same computer (or IP). Of course, you can vote for your own story. I haven’t decided on the prize yet but there will be a prize for the winner.

Send your story before November 16th.

Votes: November 16th through November 26th.

Good luck!

This is Rafa’s story:

Story Number 1.

The first thing that I have to say is that this story is totally true. I’m going to tell you what happened long time ago…. when I was a teenager.

It was a hot summer night in August.  My friends and I were in an old abandoned house, a very ugly house,  which belongs to my ancestors.

We were bored so I thought that it would be a good idea to do a guija. At first my friends laughed at me, but at last they agreed with me and we did it. After ten minutes doing the guija everybody thought that it was nonsense, because nothing was happening, but suddenly we heard a loud noise. In this moment we were very frightened because we knew that nobody was in the house, so what was the strange noise that we had heard?

An axe that was hanging on the wall fell on the ground. When we saw the axe on the ground we ran away as fast as we could.

Did perhaps some ghost throw the axe on the ground? 














This is Laura’s story:

Story Number 2.

Many years ago, there was a girl that requested their parents a porcelain doll for her birthday.
When the day arrived, she was very happy to open her gifts, but she didn’t find what she wanted. Some hours later when she went to her bedroom, she found a packet put by Mummy, she opened it and there was a beautiful porcelain doll with some very long fingernails and a pink dress.
During those days she always took it with her.
One night when everyone was already sleeping, the girl woke up when she heard a great noise, but she thought that something had fallen.
The next morning when Melissa went to the kitchen, she saw her parents and her new doll thrown on the floor.
The girl went to another house with another family because she didn’t have more family.
When the night came, the girl heard a voice that said…
– Melissaaaa, I’m going up the stairways…
She was very afraid and she got inside the bed.
Some minutes later:
-Melissaaaa, I’m entering your room…
The following day, the girl was found dead and her doll was on the floor, and the doll had the fingernails covered with blood!

This is Junquera’s story

Story Number 3


Once upon a time in the little village of Lehawork two boys were preparing their Halloween costumes. Their names were Tom and Charles.

-I’m sure you’re going to wear a mummy’s costume- said Tom.
-How do you know it?- answered Charles.
-Because you love mummies haha- laughed Tom.
-And what costume are you going to wear?
-It’s a secret. You’ll see it tomorrow.

The next day the two boys were excited. Halloween was finally here! The started to imagine all the sweets: chocolates, caramelized apples… they could even smell them!

Night came and somebody knocked on Tom’s door. Tom went quickly to the door and opened it.
-Tom! You’re fantastic. You costume is very cool.
Tom was wearing a Frankenstein costume.
-Let’s go to recollect sweets!-shouted Tom.
-Yeah!- added Charles.

The two boys went to all the houses of the village, knocking on their doors and saying: “Trick or treat?” Two hours later they had a great spat. Suddenly Tom said:
-Why don’t we go to the forest?
-No, no and a hundred times no!- shouted Charles.
-Because I’m scared! I don’t like that forest.

They discussed for a long time. Finally Tom won and they went to the forest. When they got there they heard a strange noise.
-What was that?-asked Charles.
-Perhaps a squirrel. Don’t worry!

They came into the forest and suddenly they saw her: a HARPY!!! A hungry harpy with their sharp teeth and her long nails. They couldn’t do anything because the harpy fell over them.

-Nowadays, every 31st October you can hear the cries of the two boys asking for help.



This is Javier’s story

Story Number 4

My name is….., well, my name is not important in this terrific story.
I was born in USA (like a famous song), the year?, I don´t remember it because I was a little baby when I was born in that sad hospital; the only thing that I can remember is the day, October 31st, beautiful day, but, the night is much better.
In my last birthday I could live an experience (horrible story).
Are you ready to read it?, if I was you, I would turn on all lights of your house because usually I see dead bodies (like the boy who had six senses, I have got seven or more).

It was very cold that last night of October, it was my birthday, I was driving my car on a solitary road, it was very late and it was raining a lot, it was late because I had had to work more than other days.
I was relaxing, I usually listen to Cadena Dial when I´m in the car.
I was driving through a forest, it was foggy and the view was impossible and driving in this condition was very hard.
I was driving slowly and suddenly, the radio turned off and after that my car broke down and it was impossible to start again, I tried to call my insurance company but it was mission impossible because my new 4 or 5 generation mobile phone didn´t have battery.
I was screaming for help but in that forest there wasn’t anybody. I felt afraid and decided to walk on that road. I was walking for about fifteen minutes more or less and I could see a big house and I thought that in that house there would be people because some lights in the house were on.
I knocked on the principal door and a man opened the door, good night, he said. Good night, I don´t want to disturb your relax but I had a problem, my car broke down very close from this place and I need help, I said.
Don´t worry, I´m here to help you but before you are my guest, you are welcome in my house, the man said  to me.
The house was very big and very cold, in the living room, the man said: what would you like to drink?
Whiskey without alcohol, I said.
We were talking for thirty minutes and after that the man said: follow me please, I want to show you something.
Both of us were walking around the house until we got to the garden and there I felt panic because in that garden there was a cemetery. The man started to laugh and he said to me: welcome to your birthday party, here they are your guests. I didn´t believe it.
Suddenly, I didn´t feel panic, I was very happy, the music turned on and all  the deads went out of their graves, there were a lot of them.
The first song which the deads dedicated me was Thriller (choreography included), they sang to me the famous Parchis song “happy birthday to you”, with choreography of course and other diabolic songs.
I could recognize very important people, like Napoleon, Colon, Einstein, Cleopatra, you look great Cleopatra, the years don´t pass for you, I said  to her; there are a lot famous deads, I could take some photos with them.
All  the deads and me were dancing for a long time.
As you can imagine, we had a good time, that night was special and different because since that night I have got more friends although they are dead.
I want to have more friends….



So, which one is your favourite story? Click on the picture below and vote!!




1. mahesh - July 27, 2014

very scary stories

2. Felipe - June 21, 2013

A bloody halloween ..¡¡

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