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Stereotypes: The Spaniards

By Alejandro Pascual (2nd year Intermediate English)

Spaniards are usually considered very joyful people because we’re always having parties and the things that we like the most are bullfighting, football, dancing flamenco or sevillanas and, of course, the famous siesta. Also we are known by our healthy diet, the Mediterranean diet, which includes, for example, paella, seafood, ham, wine and tapas. And on the other side, we are known by our temperamental character, for example when we are driving we usually get nervous and shout at other people. As well, people from other countries think that we are lazy because we love to sleep siesta and not to worry about our jobs.

I think stereotypes are a waste of time, you cannot generalize. I don’t think they’re true because it depends on the person. Of course there are people who love bullfighting or are lazy, nervous, etc. But it doesn’t mean that all the Spaniards are like this. The only thing I can say is true is that a majority loves football and siesta. I’m sure that almost all Spaniards don’t like sevillanas. But it’s impossible to find a common feature to all the people in a country.

About looking up to other nationalities I have to say no. And I’m not saying that Spain is the best; do not get me wrong. I mean that I don’t believe in nationalities, I believe in people. I don’t mind the nationality where a person (who I admire) comes from.

About our strengths in Spain I would say the diet but, perhaps, nowadays we are having more fast-food than in the past instead of the Mediterranean Diet. A good point would be that we have plenty of beaches with the Blue Flag and our hotels are a good reference in the world.

And finally, the Spaniards weaknesses I think are the bullfighting and San Fermines, and that we have an obsolete technology. Fortunately, these days this problem is improving fastly.

But, come on! Nationality? What does it mean? This place belongs to me (I belong to this place would be better). I’m Spanish, but I think I belong where the people I love belong. Every culture, every place, every language have good and bad things. If we were able to appreciate the important things in life…



1. maria - March 6, 2009

I think stereotypes are true. Some of them are exagerations but they are exceptions.

2. pepe - February 12, 2009

what do you think about the language? Do the Spaniards speak very bad English?

3. Christian - December 23, 2008

I agree. It is quite stupid to say that we, Spaniards, are one way. In Spain we have at least 17 different types of people, due to the Autonomous Communities that rule themselves nearly absolutely.

The only thing that a catalan has of a andalusian, for example, is that they speak the same language, when they want to of course.

Siesta? Who sleeps siesta in Spain? My father is English and he is the one who always sleeps after lunch.

prejudices and stereotypes of people are just nuts. Of all the countries of the world, can somebody tell me one that has such different people living in the same place? Spain has always been a land of different people, religion and civilizations. You only have to take a look at history and discover how many battles we have fought with each other. Since the Iberos, Alanos and Romanos to the Godos, muslims and jews, ending with the four civil wars that we have experienced (that includes the carlsit wars -there have been much more but people seem not to know them…-).

Nothing else, English people should read more and climb down the clouds in which they live.

4. englishuniverse - November 2, 2008

Great essay!

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