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This is my house competition



Finally, there are 4 stories for you to vote for. I had to create a new poll (sorry, Rafa and Javier, you already had some votes) so that people can vote for the 4 entries now. Good luck to everyone! Click on the link below to vote.






At this time we have to write about our flat or house, so as I think my flat isn’t interesting, I’m going to write about my ideal flat.


The first thing that I have to say is that I don’t like houses or cottages so my ideal place to live in would be a flat, but not an average flat…..


First I must choose the city where my flat would be, so I think the best city to live in would be Miami because I like The States, I like going to the beach, I like sunbathing, I like the sea, well actually I’ve been there three times and I like this city.


My flat would be in a high building  next to the sea, with wonderful views, and it would be on the last two floor, and of course the flat roof would be my private pool.


On the first floor of my flat there would be my living room, a big kitchen, two bathrooms, two guest bedrooms, a dressing room, a big balcony, a larder, well the first floor would be about 250 square meters.


The second floor of my ideal flat would be dedicated for my leisure time, there would be a GYM, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a little cinema for ten people, a study with computers in which you could play music with drums, guitar or keyboards, and of course with the best sound system.


Another important room on the second floor would be “the games room”, with ping-pong, table football, computer games in a really big screen and a little casino.


The most important  thing in this second floor would be, that there wouldn’t be any walls, only would be a glass, so every time that you are doing exercise or something like that, you could see the sea, the sun…. A wonderful view.


I know that this kind of flat is too expensive, so at the moment I can’t buy it, but when I win the lottery… Perhaps…. 




Hello everybody, well, first of all, I’m going to introduce myself to you, my name is Travolta, John Travolta, and some days ago, my best Spaniard friend Javier phoned me and explain this competition to me. He asked me for help because he liked my house so much, he’s been here several times when I have given crazy parties to my Hollywood and Bollywood´s friends.

My house is in The United States, in Malibu, Malibu is a place which is very close to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, my neighbours are celebrities people, for example, in front of my house live Paul Gasol who spends all day in the street bouncing the ball and for this reason I cannot sleep “siesta” any day until Paul plays with his team far away from Los Angeles. I have got other neighbours who I’m sure you´ll know very well, like for example Rambo or Marilyn Manson, the last one is a very noisy neighbour, I don’t know why, he seems like a very good guy to me.

Now I’ll try to describe my hut. It’s a beautiful house with only 678 meters, more or less. The weather in Malibu practically all year is good and for this reason there is an outside pool although some days if the weather is not good, you can have a bath in the indoor pool which is in the gym, on the ground floor, just opposite the garage where I park my 9 nice cars.

As you can see in the following photo, my hut is not bad at all, don’t you think?.


  On the first floor there are many rooms, a superb kitchen, four bedrooms with their bathrooms and the main bedroom is breathtaking because it is 73 square meters, here you have a very big king size bed, a bathroom with Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish Bath, spa, etc., there is a very spacious dressing room also with a very big mirror on the wall and of course this bedroom has two terraces, one of them with views to the Pacific Ocean and the other one with views to the private airport.



The living room is on the top floor,  it is magnificent and there you have got all you need for your entertainment with amazing views to the Pacific Ocean and to the airport.

As you already know I love flying and for this reason my house has got a private airport, the landing area has got 2´5 kilometres and in it can land all kinds of planes. At present I have two planes, a private Jet, perfect for my business trips or when I have to move to other parties or celebrations and my second plane is a Boeing 707, which is perfect when I go out with all my friends or when I go on holiday. The last time which I flew with my Boeing was when I went with Javier and his girlfriend to “Tuscany”, in Italy, where I have got a country house but the description of that house is for another competition.

The last thing that I wish to say to you is:

If you vote for this text in this competition I will invite you to my next party, and don’t worry if you live very far away, I will get you in my plane and you will be able to fly with John Travolta.  






-Have you ever dreamt about the perfect house? If your answer is “yes”… we have the house of your dreams! The house is in Italy, exactly, in “La Toscana”; one of the best places of Italy.


-Your future house will have two floors. On the first floor you’ll have an enormous living-room decorated with French classical furniture (from Louis XIV to Louis XVI). The kitchen is very big too. Here you’ll find the best electrical appliances: an oven that cooks by itself, a fridge that does the shopping… A bathroom and a very beautiful office complete this part of the house.


If you go upstairs you’ll find four bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and is decorated with a different style. The second floor has a fabulous spa too (with an incredible jacuzzi) where you will be able to relax after a hard day at the office or at school.


-The house has a garden too. It has two sections. In the first one you’ll be in a normal garden with a lot of plants, trees, flowers and a little pond. In the other section we have created the “beach at home”. It’s an artificial beach with real sand, a swimming pool (with fresh water) and three palm trees.


-You have to buy it! The views are fantastic and all the furniture and accessories have been chosen by the famous interior designer Michael Moloney. It’s the ideal house!!!





I live in a big house in a little village called Nistal. My house is the last (or the first, it depends of the way you look at it) in the village. It is very near the river (around ten meters), and in the middle of the road and the railway; but the road is very old and it is used only by the people who lives here, and if you are used to the sound of the train you don’t notice it; actually, it is a very peaceful house.


The house has two flats, the first floor is for my grandfather and the second floor is for my family and me. On the side of the house, which is in front of the road, there are two gardens surrounded by a hedge; the garden is very beautiful in spring and summer. But during the rest of the year there isn’t anything in it. On the other side of the house, there is an interior garden with grass in it.


On the second floor, where I live, there are four bedrooms; one for my parents, one for my sister, one for my brother and the other one for me. I like my bedroom because my window is opposite the river, and if I watch by it I can’t see any houses, the only human thing that I see is part of the road, but the rest is the river, the trees, the mountain… I love it. In the summer, I sleep with the window open, because when I am in the bed, I hear the frogs and the sound of the water, and in the morning the birds wake me up.


The rest of the house is: the kitchen, two restrooms and a living room. My favourite room (after the restroomJ) is the living room; cause that’s where I spend my time with my family when we are not watching TV. We also have a big terrace where we eat when the weather is good.










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